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Alan De Leon Taverna


"Medium Zach” Bagaason is a Minneapolis-based music producer, engineer, artist and educator. In 2016, Zach began Beatstory - a weekly social video featuring his creative process and collaborations. Zach's production credits include work with: Big Quarters, I Self Devine, Mankwe Ndosi, Homeboy Sandman, 26 Bats, Javier Santiago, Lady Midnight, Kara Walker, Resmaa Menakem, & the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Since 2005, Zach's teaching and youth engagement through songwriting and production includes partnerships with: YMCA, Hope Community, Intermedia Arts, Pillsbury United Communities, MS College of Music, MCTC, and Kulture Klub Collaborative. Founded in 2007, Medium Zach curates the Midwest’s longest running hip-hop producer showcase, Last of the Record Buyers.

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