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The Debut Album Out Now


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composed, produced, recorded & mixed by Medium Zach



Mastered by Alec Ness
Art direction & design: Adam R. Garcia
Photography: Bobby Rogers
PA: Desaré Cox


Most of the sounds for this album were captured on video with an iPhone 6s, sampled, designed into loops, instruments, one shots, synths, etc. A lot of things were played and placed by me, but I'm honored to have worked with, and mention everyone who contributed these sounds, melodies, rhythms, and textures that really helped make this album what it is (read The Liner Notes to get the full story on the process of the album):



Pancake - Theo Bagaason, vocals, chewing pancakes


Baby Monitor - Chris Graham, drums | Theo Bagaason, vocals

Twenty Years - Devon Gray, keys | Sean McPherson, stand up bass | Josh Peterson, electric guitar | Peter Leggett, drums | Chris "Felix" Wilbourn, vocals 

Winded - Javier Santiago, electric air organ, prophet 6, flugelhorn | Greg Grease (R. Johnson), drums

Hold the Parade - Open Mike Eagle, greenroom & on-stage sounds at 7th St. Entry, raps | "Video Dave" Maxime, cough

Blaow! - Chance York, vocal sample, claps | Eric Burton, bass guitar | Marcus Skallman, drums | Eric Mayson, vocals, synth, vibraphone

Can't Make You - Karl Remus, acoustic guitar | Bailey Cogan, piano note, vocals | Daniel "Chavo" Chavez, trumpet | Christian Wheeler, bass guitar | Warren Thomas Fenzi, drums

The Family Band - Brandon "Allday" Bagaason, electric ukulele, cojón, bongos | Pia Bagaason, recorder, xylophone, vocals | Theo & Joaquin Bagaason, vocals | Mankwe Ndosi, vocals

Bad by Myself - Noam "The Drummer" Feigel, scratches, drums

Scabbed Over - Lady Midnight (A. Rimpel) vocals, sounds made while burning sage & copal

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